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Photomechanics’ project featured in the Logistics journal

FM logistic cosmetic center in chekhov: over three years of successful operation.

Presentation by the General Director of Photomechanics at CeMAT RUSSIA 2022

As part of CeMAT RUSSIA's business program, the 'Logistics Automation: Technologies and Solutions for Supply Chain Efficiency' conference was held, featuring a presentation by Photomechanics' General Director, Sergey Le-Zakharov.

Photomechanics at Belgrade Fair of Technics in Serbia

Photomechanics at Belgrade Fair of Technics in Serbia. Photomechanics participated in the International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements located in Belgrade, Serbia from May 24 to 27, 2022.

Photomechanics took part in CeMAT RUSSIA 2022

On September 20-22, 2022, the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition was held at Crocus Expo. At the Photomechanics booth, we showcased a semi-automatic Pick-to-Tote order assembly station. Order trays move along the conveyor line and are sorted to the assembly station for the order picker. The system's performance is 1700 trays per hour, enhancing assembly productivity by 65%.
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NOVEX stands as a premier enterprise in Siberia, excelling in the wholesale and retail distribution of cosmetics, perfumes, household chemicals, and a diverse range of household goods. The NOVEX chain manages over 25,000 items and owns 270 retail outlets in seven regions of Siberia.
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Results of ceMAT 2021

Opening: high-speed Tilt Tray sorter for online stores.
Success stories

Success story: 5 Post

5Post is a country-wide logistics company within X5 Retail Group that delivers 20 million parcels annually through 11,740 order pick–up points and postamates in convenience stores.
FM LogisticSuccess stories

Success story: FM Logistic

FM Logistic is one of the leaders of logistics market with a staff of 8,000 employees and a turnover of more than 215 million euros. Find out how Photomechanics helped to achieve high operational efficiency and reduce personnel costs.

Download a PDF with a checklist for the online store

Are you looking for solutions for fast and efficient delivery of online orders? Then the best practices checklist will become a reliable guide to the world of automation.

Photomechanics celebrates its 11th anniversary!

Photomechanics celebrates its 11th anniversary! There are a lot of interesting projects behind and a huge number ahead.