Pneumatic Sorter

Budget-Friendly and Reliable



Pneumatic Sorter

Our pneumatic drive is a reliable and wear-resistant unit that delivers outstanding performance and effortless ease of use. Designed to ensure optimal sorter performance, it is an excellent choice for small-volume sorting tasks.

Please note that the sorter may not be suitable for processing thin goods, such as letters, envelopes, or disks. However, we offer a specialized pneumatic mechanism for sorting operations that can be included with your sorter to maximize its efficiency.

Choose our pneumatic drive and experience high-quality sorting performance at a reasonable price, backed by our commitment to ongoing reliability and customer satisfaction.



Up to 2500 items per hour

Average product size

600x500x500 мм

Product weight

Up to 12 kg



The Advantages of Pneumatic Sorting Technology


Specialized trays ensure efficient, precise sorting with reduced errors

Error Reduction:

Accurate sorting, real-time error detection for reliable results


Versatile sorting system handles various shapes and packaging for efficient processing

Fast Payback:

Low cost of ownership with quick payback, ideal for businesses

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