Cargo Scanner – Reliable dimension and weight measurement systems for cargo

Our Cargo scanners keep will keep you ahead in the race for efficiency

Precise data on the weight and dimensions of goods is critical for effective assembly and transportation. Photomechanics’ cargo scanner is the absolute market leader, capable of measuring up to 4,000 orders per hour. In addition, our scanners offer photofixation options of goods, making it easy to analyze any order loss incidents.
You can now benefit from both speed and accuracy with confidence, as our cargo scanners are the hallmark of industry excellence.

Advantages of Photomechanics Cargo Scanner:

  • High capacity: up to 4000 products per hour
  • Precision weighing capability: 10g, dimensional accuracy: 5mm
  • Versatile: can be used as a standalone device or as part of a larger system
  • Compatibility: able to measure non-standard shapes and packaging
  • Handles light and small goods efficiently
  • Photofixation option for order tracking
  • Culling or pre-sorting orders in two directions
  • Error-free: eliminates human errors
  • Seamless report transfer to WMS
  • 12-month warranty for customer satisfaction

Case Study: Photomechanics Delivers Innovative Mini Sorting Complexes to 5Post in 2020

Summary of Job:

In 2020, Photomechanics successfully developed a custom automation concept for 5Post’s sorting centers, and provided a turnkey supply of state-of-the-art automation equipment. This project demonstrates our expertise in meeting clients’ unique needs with innovative solutions.


February-April 2020


High-speed cargo scanner processes up to 4000 orders per hour
Accurate weight control for goods ranging from 50 g to 20 kg
Automated goods rejection for items that haven’t been checked
Advanced remote diagnostics and monitoring system
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