Cargo scanner - dimension and weight measurement system for cargo

Cargo scanner is the efficiency race

Increasing the assembly performance and dispatch of goods, effective occupancy of transport require knowledge of accurate data on the weight and dimensional characteristics of goods. Photomechanics` cargo scanner measures at a speed of 4000 orders per hour. It is the absolute record holder of the market by this criterion. Moreover, the option of photofixation of the goods is available to analyze cases of order loss.
You no longer have to choose between speed and accuracy.
The Photomechanics cargo scanner meets the highest requirements.


  • The capacity is up to 4000 products per hour
  • Weighing accuracy is 10 g., dimensional accuracy: 5 mm.
  • It can be either a separate device or part of a large system
  • The ability to read the dimensions of goods of non-standard shape and packaging
  • The ability to handle light and small goods
  • Photofixation of the goods on the belt to track the order loss
  • The option of culling or pre-sorting orders in two directions
  • Elimination of errors and human factor
  • Automatic transfer of reports to WMS
  • 12 months warranty

Equipping four sorting centers with 5 POST conveyor and sorting equipment, which includes a Cargo scanner


Development of the automation concept of sorting centers 5 POST . ‘Turnkey’ supply of automation equipment.

  • 5post

February-April 2020


Cargo scanner processing up to 4000 orders per hour
Weight control (from 50 g to 20 kg)
Goods rejection that have not been checked
Remote diagnostics and monitoring system
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