Belt conveyor

Simple, fast and practical return on investment

The conveyor belt remains to be the most popular tool in various industries, especially in warehouse automation.

Currently, it is rarely used as an independent unit, in most cases it is an element of more complex systems. It is suitable for moving large and small goods in both horizontal and inclined directions.

It features by high performance and unpretentiousness in use, allowing to effectively automate the manual transportation process. It is common in pharmaceutical, e-commerce.

The key criteria for choosing a conveyor supplier are:

  • Reliable components and availability of spare parts
  • The ability to scale the conveyor as the business prospers
  • Experience and a large number of completed projects
  • Permanent technical support
  • High speed of reaction to occurrences, site visits
  • Advanced software
  • Own staff of constructor engineers

According to these criteria Photomechanics offers:

  • Extensive experience in the field of automation: by 2022 more than 15 conveyors and sorting systems have been built
  • Own production since 2011
  • High-quality element base: SEW Eurodrive, Schneider Electric, Omron, Advantech, Cognex, Wipotec, Mettler Toledo
  • The response rate to occurrences regulated, from 1 hour
  • High-quality element base
  • Own 24/7 technical support, consisting of qualified engineers
  • Own fault-tolerant Conveyor Control System (CCS)
  • The basic configuration includes the system for preventing congestion and overflow of roller conveyor.
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