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The pharmaceutical industry is constantly developing. New market players are coming, competition and requirements for implemented business processes are growing.

The rapid growth of volumes can be limited by slow delivery: the consumer is not ready to wait long for the arrival of his goods.

That is why companies strive to effectively solve the problem of last-mile delivery thereby stay ahead of its competitors.

Solutions from Photomechanics allow for automatic order generation, packaging and rejection of assembly errors.

Our benefits:

In-house manufacturing and software, high-quality components and the research and development department (RnD) along with experience, provide reliable intralogistic solutions of high performance.

Automatic sorting of goods by orders
Automatic scanning of the product
Automatic order packaging
Automatic application of the label
Automatic rejection of an erroneous order

Applied solutions:


The complex of sorting and packaging of online orders of pharmaceutical distributors


Web Application — Conveyor Control System

Solution sample:


Automatic order collection, sorting and rejection


  • Consolidation of orders
  • Automatic scanning of products
  • Automatic sorting of goods by orders (without affecting the goods)
  • Automatic packing line and weight control of orders (with error rejection)
  • Capacity of 4000 orders per hour
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