Reverse logistics in the USA

In 2017 LLC Photomechanics introduced a sorting complex for processing reverse of retail and online orders of the largest logistics operator of reverse logistics in the USA.

To ensure the operation of the complex, it was necessary to perform the following tasks: to accept and sort small-piece goods of a large range of dimensions (up to 800 x 400 x 300mm) and weight (up to 20 kg) in various types of packaging. The commodity circulation capacity amounted to dozens of thousands of orders per day.

  • The USA, Arkansas
Time frame

6 months, system launch – 2017

Technical solution
  • Sorter and conveyor system of LLC Photomechanics
  • Conveyor Control System (CCS) —  the control system developed by LLC Photomechanics, completed and configured to meet the requirements of the customer

Completed works:

  • Supply of turnkey automation equipment
  • Development and production of sorting equipment for the sorting center
  • Implementation of a common management system for the entire equipment complex
  • Integration with WMS
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Service maintainance

Non-standard technologies

Our specialists have developed a scanning system and software that allows you to automatically read all the barcodes available on the product. The solution allowed scanning even small and dense barcodes with a density of 8 mil, reading codes from all sides (except the bottom) in an arbitrary orientation, as well as recognizing codes on products of arbitrary dimensions (from 50 x 10 x 10 mm to 600 x 400 x 300 mm).

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