Photomechanics production conveyors are chosen for warehouses and production facilities with a high requirement for uninterrupted operation. High reliability is ensured by a detailed study of the solution, the presence of its own production, control over the process of assembling components into a finished product.


Photomechanics produces and supplies reliable sorters, including high-speed Cross Belt and Tilt Tray sorters. Five years of experience in the production and operation of systems of various configurations allows us to offer our customers high-tech solutions on the market. In addition, attention is given to additional sorting functionality, the possibility of scaling and resupplying existing systems.

Order picking

The process of picking orders is often the most time-consuming process that requires a large number of employees. Semi-automatic Photomechanics systems allow not only to efficiently organize the business process, but also to ensure the convenience and comfort of the staff.


The Photomechanics software allows to manage the sorting of goods on any type of sorter, including those produced by a third-party manufacturer. This is a really smart software for managing conveyor systems.