Conveyor Control System

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Software for managing conveyor and sorting systems

The reliability of the system directly depends on the used software. The Conveyor Control System (CCS) from Photomechanics is used by leading logistics operators and e-stores to perform all necessary transportation and sorting operations. In this case, the software allows to monitor the status of each logical unit process, respond quickly and effectively to changes in work and prevent negative situations. That is why conveyor and sorting systems under CCS management meet the most stringent requirements of customers for systems fault tolerance.

Certificate of state registration of the computer program №2018665854

Benefits of Conveyor Control System (CCS)

Sorting management

CCS manages the sorting of goods on any type of sorter, including a third-party producer.

Product tracking

CCS allows to track goods on the line at any time due to a sensor system and an intelligent position control system.

Advanced reporting

CCS allows to make reports of all operations with goods on the line: placement by the operator, scanning, weighing, sorting, label printing.


CCS allows to manage the entire conveyor system in an intuitive interface from any tablet or computer.

Set up sorting goals

Get information about the status of the entire conveyor line in real time

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