Multi-belt sorter

Flexible and scalable sorter

This type of sorting systems is very popular in e-commerce, food retail, pharma – due to its careful product handling, low maintenance, high load capacity and low cost.



Multi-Belt sorter

The active element of the sorter is a multibelt module — a lifting mechanism with its own drive belt, which picks up the goods and pushes them towards the target (on the left or right in the course of the movement of the goods).

In pharma and e-commerce we use plastic trays (returnable containers) to carefully handle small-sized goods.



up to 1700 p/h

Average product size

600x600x600 mm

Product weight

up to 30 kg



Benefits of the Multi-Belt Sorter


Careful product handling

Error reduction

Accurate sorting, error detection


Processing of various shapes goods, packaging

Fast payback

Low CAPEX and cost of ownership

Sorting multi belt module

A belt-driven goods pusher. It features by careful product handling.

Linear module

It can be made in the form of a roller or belt conveyor. This module is possible to use for laying out goods on the work surface, ensuring an interval between consecutive goods. A belt conveyor is mainly used for lifting/lowering goods.

Rotary module

It adds flexibility to the configuration, allows for high performance in conditions of limited area.

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