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On September 20-22, 2022, the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition was held at Crocus Expo

At the Photomechanics booth, we showcased a semi-automatic Pick-to-Tote order assembly station. Order trays move along the conveyor line and are sorted to the assembly station for the order picker. The system’s performance is 1700 trays per hour, enhancing assembly productivity by 65%.
We also presented a multi-picking trolley, which can be used in warehouses in its basic configuration or upgraded with a Put-by-Light system boasting an impressive autonomy of 11 hours. Multi-picking trolleys enable the simultaneous assembly of 6 to 18 orders, resulting in a productivity boost of 100%.

During CeMAT’s business program, a conference titled ‘Logistics Automation: Technologies and Solutions for Supply Chain Efficiency’ was held. Among the featured speakers was Sergey Le-Zakharov, the General Director of Photomechanics, who delivered a presentation. Sergey presented alongside a representative from our client, FM Logistic, their Project Director, Galina Zhitkova. Galina discussed the Photomechanics solutions implemented at the FM Logistic cosmetic center in Chekhov.

You couldn’t visit the exhibition? Watch the speech about the FM Logistic project in Chekhov:

Photomechanics has newly introduced a domestically-designed, high-speed sorting system.

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