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The share of online sales of beauty products is growing rapidly.

Cosmetic products are in great demand in the market. The main task of automating warehouse logistics processes in this area is to process goods quickly and carefully. Our company successfully copes with all the tasks in order for your favorite product to arrive on time.

Conveyor and sorting systems from Photomechanics provide a competitive advantage due to the fact that they increase the efficiency of the system and eliminate operational errors. All this is achieved with the brilliant return on investment (ROI), which is 3-4 years for such projects. Local production and minimal dependence on foreign components ensure a launch period of 6-7 months with low cross-border risks.

Our benefits:

Own production and software, high-quality components and the research & development department (RnD) along with experience provide reliable intralogistic solutions of high performance

Increase in the performance the packaging and sorting area by 200%
No errors in the order assembly
Special solutions for multipicking orders
Smoothing peak loads

Applied solutions:

Semi-automatic order selection systems

Conveyor systems

Automatic weight and dimension control posts

Sorting systems by directions

Software Conveyor Control System

Sample solution:

Conveyor system on the mezzanine with a Multi-belt sorter for 15 locations and a weight control station for online cosmetics orders.


Processing of goods of various customers, weight control of collected orders, dimensions determination, sorting of orders to customers and transport companies, integration with several WMS systems and other IT systems.


  • Careful sorting without affecting the product
  • Weight control (from 50 g to 20 kg)
  • Capacity- 1700 orders per hour
  • 15 sorting goals plus 1 error goal
  • Double control of location overflow (1 – warning, 2 – system stop)
  • Automatic binding of orders to the pallet, automatic formation and printing of documents on the pallet
  • Configuring sorting rules via the Web interface
  • Integration with multiple WMS
  • Web interface for manually adding/removing goods from pallets, uploading reports, managing orders, etc.
  • Remote diagnostics and monitoring system
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  • FM Logistic
Time frame

5 months, launch 2019

  • Conveyor Control System (CCS) — the control system developed by LLC Photomechanics, completed and configured to meet the requirements of the customer
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