5Post is a major parcel delivery company, servicing over 20 million parcels annually with over 18,000 pick-up points

20 million parcels

Operating over 18,000 different pick-up points

More than 20 sorting

In 2020, Photomechanics proudly introduced a cutting-edge series of 4 mini sorting complexes for 5Post

5Post is a major logistics company, developing and maintaining an ongoing framework between online stores, marketplaces and pick-point locations for their clients.

The company deals with the circulation of commodities and receives tens of thousands of online orders every day. To handle this volume quickly and accurately, they required a dependable and efficient automated solution.

  • 5Post

2019 — 2020

Technical Solutions
    • Customized sorter and conveyor systems for in-house operations

Custom Solutions

Our team of experts at Photomechanics developed and installed a high-performance flow division system, featuring a unique design that enables processes of up to 4,000 goods per hour, from routine to challenging-sized items of 50 x 50 x 5 mm (unlike most pneumatic pushers or roller diverters on the market). We use innovative engineering and design, to streamline your operations and boost your productivity.

Custom-built mini sorter with checkweigher for distribution centers

The customized complex has several tasks, including the acceptance and sorting of online orders from clients based on their transport directions. The final destinations for each route are pick-up points in the supermarkets

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