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In the fast—growing e-commerce industry, there is a need for efficient and productive solutions. Knowledge in automation and quick delivery of equipment allow you to perform these tasks with maximum benefit and payback.

Conveyor and sorting systems from Photomechanics provide a competitive advantage due to the fact that they increase the efficiency of the system and eliminate operational errors. All this is achieved with the fast return on investment (ROI), which is 3-4 years for such projects. In-house manufacturing ensures a launch period of 6-7 months.

Our benefits:

In-house manufacturing and software development, high-quality components and the research & development department (RnD) along with experience provide reliable intralogistic solutions of high performance

Increase in the performance the packaging and sorting area by 200%
No errors in the order assembly
Automatic exchange of weight and dimensions characteristics with transport companies
Smoothing peak loads

Applied solutions:

Semi-automatic order selection systems

Conveyor systems

Automatic weight and dimension control posts

Sorting systems by directions

Software Conveyor Control System

Success Story: FM Logistic

FM Logistic is logistics market`s leaders with 8,000 employees and a turnover of more than 18.5 billion. Find out how Photomechanics has helped to achieve high operational efficiency and reduce personnel costs.

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  • FM Logistic
Time frame

5 months, launch – 2018